Our product team is tasked to ensure we are delivering the best services and offerings in the industry and supporting our students so they can focus on what’s important. We wanted to curate and design a comprehensive service offering so we surveyed past international students, interviewed alumni across a range of universities and analyzed our competitors in different markets – After evaluating the results we realized the key to offering the best in class concierge services is by focusing on the common issues international students face. Going abroad can be nerve wracking for students and sometimes parents too, so we’ve created an readiness program for before school even starts. LXT student members can leverage our network of providers and services as soon as they join. If you need to summarize LXT think of us as your first friend, we’re here to make the college experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our full list of services are listed below:

Service Areas

Readiness Program

Designed to help you navigate our services and what to expect
Introduce you to a peer group
Mentorship programs


•Long/short term
•Moving in/out logistics
•Storage facilities


•Arrival and Departure logistics
•Auto Services
•Best rates for New/Used Car
•Roadside Assistance


•Doctor Referrals

Member Perks

•Exclusive Telephone, data and internet plans
•LXT x EasyKe Tutoring Packages
•24 Hours emergency assistance
•All of the above services accessible a phone call or text message away